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(212) 766-3360info@nowis.com
(212) 766-3362 faxwww.nowis.com


Price List

  • Fully Dynamic "off-the-shelf" Web Site
    • Personal Domain Name (ie: www.yourname.com)
      • Full control of all content; easily add, change, or remove pictures and text of all pages from your web browser no special software needed
      • Easy-to-use interface makes it simple even for beginners
      • No need to learn HTML or programming


  • Web Site Hosting
    • Cold Fusion dynamic server
    • SQL database server
    • Domain name management and DNS hosting
    • Email
      • 10 mailboxes @yourdomain.com
        • unlimited aliases per mailbox (eg: robert@yourname.com rob@yourname.com both go to the same mailbox)
      • Full POP3/SMTP
      • Automatic virus scanning/elimination
      • Strong anti-SPAM measures
    • Webmail
      • Full email access from any browser on the Web, anywhere in the world
      • WAP access check email from web-enabled cellphone or PDA







billed by automatic monthly preauthorized credit card debit or billed quarterly in advance

  • Domain Name (DNS) Registration (if required)
    • .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .us, .ws



  • Dynamic Calendar for Web Site


  • 10 Additional Emailboxes


  • Hosting without Email




  • Remove "NowIS" logo graphics/links from Web Site